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The application and effects of the frame fence


The application and effects of the frame fence


Frame Fence

It mainly used in highway,railway,airport,residence,port and

pier,garden,raising,animal husbandry etc fence protection.
Characteristics:anticorrosive, prevent aging, sun resistance, weather

resistance,etc.frame fence surface treatment:electric galvanized,hot dip

galvanized,plastic spraying, dipping plastic.

A.Reasonable structure and excellent features.
B.In harmony with the environment,and formal beauty.

Through cleaning, polishing, passivation, plastic coated, vulcanization

process,using plastic plating processing treatment,coating thickness is 0.5 ~

0.6 mm,Plating powder use the imported anti-aging performance materials,the

color must be the same,surface smooth, no flow, drops of tumor or excess

agglomerate is allowed.On the surface of the plating shall be no defects such

as leakage and iron plating.

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