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The classification and application of the mesh fence


The classification and application of the mesh fence


Mesh fence is a kind of iron mesh fence,it applied in all walks of life:


1.The traffic fence,the fence usually divided into:frame fence,bilateral wire

fence,Holland wire fence.
2.Residential fence:Village fence is also called resident fence,most common is

peach shape post fence,double circle fence,triangle fence.Advantages:

modelling beautiful, beautify the environment.
In recent years, appeared a batch of assembled fence,which is also used as

residential fences,easy to installation and price is reasonable.
Defensive fence(barbed wire fence),Such defense fence netting is mainly used

in prisons and jails, the armed forces, airports, some military forbidden

area,advantages:modelling is novel, beautiful and durable.
Sport ground fence basis on chain link fence and mainly used in

badminton sports fence and athletic field fence, stadium

sports fence, golf practice area fence,sports fence is high middle-grade

products in mesh fence.advantages:highlight the novelty and environment

harmonious, bright and lively.


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