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Highway road fence characteristics and introduction

Highway road fence characteristics and introduction



Highway road fence is the most important transportation facilities,our country fence developed in 80th,it play an important role in the development of economy and society.the fence is the important protective and safety facilities.
Materials:choose low carbon steel wire, aluminum magnesium alloy wire, plastic spraying.

Weaving and features:welding from,Grid structure simple,and easy to transport,installation is not limited by topography ups and downs, especially have strong adaptability for the mountain, slope, bending area.This product is strong and durable and medium low price,suitable for large area uses.
Road fence is also called highway road fence,traffic fence,highway fence board,is the same nature but different in names, road fence is the most common product in mesh fences,it can made for performance fence and temporary fence,In use just need to adopt different pillar fixed way can be realized.In recent years, highway guardrail heavily used in many domestic highway, and achieved good results.



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