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Some knowledge about the building fence

Some knowledge about the building fence

In some building construction areas,we can often see a lot of fences and fence

products,which purpose is also to Isolation and protection.Especially In the

process of high-rise construction, exterior daub,must lay the mesh fence to

prevent the fallen stone hurting people.
Then what is the specific characteristics of the fences suitable for construction

site?some constructions sites,at the same time,what points should pay attention

toIn the installation and maintenance of fence.
1.building materials
The fences suitable for building sites most use polyethylene, high strength

protective fence,must withstand impact super gravity humanoid sand bag,meanwhile

mesh should be more intense,ensure not to drop some gravel particles.
2.How to chose the building fence
After the overview construction site area size,you should have a clear knowledge

of the mesh fence,Overall demand is when the web width is 3 m,Hanging out width

about 2.5 m,when the web width of 4 m width after hanging out around 3 m.
In addition, for multistory building fence,according to the first building

fence,general hanging on the second floor slab surface (3 ~ 4 m height), then as

the principle of every 6 ~ 8 m hanging a activity building fence,other multi-story

or high-rise building in addition to set a fixed building fence outside the

building on the second floor,Every four layer should be set a fixed safe again. In

order to ensure the construction site safety.
3.Remove the construction fence fence
When finished use, clean up the fence,You must check the quality of the building

in advance,if the strut is strong, after confirmed safe,then begin the

cleaning,Cleaning should grab the fence bar and clear clutter,Forbid people stand

on the mesh fence,hands clean up debris or throw down.
After dismantled, carefully check the integrity of the fence whether have damage,

if yes,replace new timely, so that the next time use more convenient

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