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Triangle curved fence

Triangle curved fence is a more beautiful and practical fence products.

garden triangle fence

Many highway fence construction use this kind of fence products. But the most extensive application is garden fence. The Product aesthetics and  environment has good adaptation.under the premise of not affect the landscape appreciation to finish the security work of the garden.

Triangle curved fence main material is high quality wire, and then according to certain weave technology to form,finally after dipping processing is completed. See pictures of products we discover that on the mesh fence has a triangular camber, which is why this product is called triangle curved fences. The fixed above the products we can find the post column used block rain hat, which is also for the sake of aesthetics. Many gardens also use other design style of the triangle curved fences, but the main line is: using triangle curved mesh can beautify the environment, at the same time also protect the garden plants and trees

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